Guide to Blackjack - Learn About the Game of Blackjack

Added: May 14, 2012

It would be very strange to visit an online casino and not be able to find blackjack in their gaming lobby. The great news for all aspiring players is that the rules come with each version of this game and they are clearly explained even for the most dim-witted players who have no idea how to play.

This is a simple game of cards that is played between you (the player) and the dealer (the house). Both you and the dealer are initially dealt two cards, with the aim being to add these cards together and hope they equal 21 (or as close to 21 as possible). It's up to you to add up what you have to determine your next move.

The cards are all worth their face value. Therefore, a 10 is worth 10 points, a 2 is worth 2 points etc. An ace however is worth either 1 or 11. Depending what you other card is will determine whether you choose to use the Ace as a 1 or 11. The picture cards, such as the Jack, Queen and King are all worth 10 points, so if you are dealt an Ace and a Queen for example, you will have hit blackjack (21) straight away.

If the dealer has the same cards, the game will simply end in a draw (push) and you will receive your stake back, no winnings and no losses. Most dealers must stop (stand) on what they have (when they are showing 16 or 17). This will depend on which casino you are playing at. If for example you have 20 (10 + 10 or Ace + 9), there would be no reason for you to want to take another card, this would be a stupid move. So you just hit stand and wait to see what the dealer has.

If the dealer has for example 14, he will then take either one or more cards to try and beat your hand. If he goes above 21, he will lose. This is called going bust. One single game of blackjack usually lasts just seconds, which is why it is so appealing and often recognised as one of the most exciting card games available today.

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