Guide to Classic Slots - About Traditional Mechanical 3 Reel Slots

Added: May 14, 2012

Classic slots are one of the most popular types of casinos games found online today. The amount of classic slots generally makes up at least 30% to 50% of each online casinos total game count. The rules are very simple. In fact, you shouldn't ever need to even look at the rules because most online classic slots are very easy to play.

Most classic slots have just three reels. The majority of these will have just one winning payline, but some can have as many as five paylines. You can adjust how many you want to bet on before each spin of the reels, but it's always a good idea to bet the maximum number of paylines.

Once you have decide on how much you want to spend per spin, all that's left to do is to hit the spin button, which should be easy to locate. Most classic slots even have the paytable visible on screen, usually above the reels or to the right of the reels. This is where you can see how much each symbol is worth.

After hitting spin, each reel will spin for just a second or so at most and hopefully when they come to rest, the reels will have aligned with matching symbols. If they have, you will be instantly awarded the corresponding prize. It's also quite rare to have scatter symbols or wild symbols on the classic slot reels so there's absolutely nothing complicated to worry about at all when playing on a classic slot.

There are numerous different themes to look out for and most classic slots can be played without having to install any software onto your computer. These are the ultimate in convenience and offer most gamblers a quick fix. The betting range usually starts from as little as 0.01 coin up to a maximum of usually no more than 50.00 coins per spin.

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