Progressive Jackpot Games - Learn About Big Jackpot Games

Added: May 14, 2012

Progressive Jackpot games are basically games that have enormous jackpots, compared with the non-progressive jackpot games that have smaller, fixed jackpots. The reason that the prizes tend to climb so high is because millions of people are playing for the same jackpot across a large network and a small percentage of every stake that is made on that game will go towards its progressive jackpot.

This prize pool will continue climbing until someone scoops the jackpot. This is similar to a lottery. If the prize is not won, it continues climbing (which is otherwise known as a rollover). The largest progressive jackpots are normally online video slots, but there are other games that have progressive jackpots such as table and card games and in some cases you may be lucky enough to find a video poker with a progressive jackpot.

They usually start with a base amount (otherwise known as a seed). This could be as low as $1,000, or it could start at $10,000. Every time that particular jackpot has been won, the casino will start the prize pool again (reset it) to this amount, thus starting the cycle all over again. You will only ever be in with a chance of winning a progressive jackpot when you are playing in the real cash mode. Betting the maximum amount on a slot is also usually required.

You can’t expect to win a progressive jackpot playing with just one line (of a 100 paylined slot) and betting with the lowest stake. There are certain wagering requirements that you will have to check before you think about trying to win one of these jackpots.

In some cases, the prizes have reached almost $10,000,000 before they won, which has put these people into the record books for winning the largest ever progressive jackpots online. These games are now available in most online casinos today and are well worth playing when you have some spare change.

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